Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Portobello Mushrooms w/Bread Crumb Salsa

Another installment from The Flexitarian Table.
I really did love the "salsa", I used panko instead of bread crumbs. For the 3 of us I used 3 big portobellos, but probably should have used 4, and oven roasted them instead of grilling them.

The flavor was nice & meaty, we all liked this dish. For the "salsa", I used a bit of parsley, some thyme, and some cilantro. You can mix with basil, mint & tarragon as well.
A super easy weeknight meal, served with brown rice with greens & asiago cheese (2nd time with this nice rice side dish).


Liz C said...

Wow - thanks for checking this book out for me! :) I got rid of a *lot* of cookbooks when I divorced and I've told myself I'm better off with a few cookbooks I use often (and the interwebs, of course) rather than shelves and shelves full like I used to have.

But this book might well make the cut, especially since it has the word 'flexitarian' on it. That's what I call myself these days and I don't see the term used much. Yet. :)

E said...

I picked this up on a whim, and I must say that this cookbook really rocks. I will be posting from it when I try something new, but honestly I have made 2 or 3 "repeats" already from it, definitely well worth it. I love that it gets even the 9 year old excited about tofu.