Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too hot to cook!

It has been a sweltering week. Sunday, The Grillmaster did all day REAL barbecue of a 14 pound beef brisket (I love Smart & Final!!). It was a huge success, we invited the coaches & manager of the Little League team. Somehow I managed to not take any photos though. I looked at my camera and all I had were baseball photos.
The brisket was trimmed up a bit of fat on Saturday night, and rubbed with dijon mustard, brown sugar, garlic, and the super secret spice rub. Left in the fridge overnight, then put on the cooker at about 8:30 am. Cook over smoke & periodically mop with a mixture of sauce, vinegar, apple juice and some rub possibly. I think the chips in the firebox were a mixture of pecan & hickory, but I am not too sure. 4 hours later, the meat goes into foil and stays on the grill for 4 more - to an internal temp of about 190 and falling apart. It was absolutely fantastic, with home made cole slaw, with or without sauce.

There was not too much left over, but we made quesadillas with BBQ sauce & shredded mex mix cheese last night for dinner. YUM!

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Liz C said...

I see you're a Tony B fan too. I just saw him live in Seattle a few weeks back. Yay!