Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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I've actually cooked twice this weekend, new things from cookbooks since this is the time of year that I put away the braising type books and get out the lighter cooking.

Yesterday was a classic from Marcella Hazan, a pasta in sausage cream sauce. It's a lot like Mario Batali's "sausage and weeds" (in fact I use the same pasta), but no tomato paste. I really liked it, it had a nice mild flavor but was still creamy and coated the pasta well.

Today, we went around the world to Rick Bayless from Mexican Everyday. I hit the Smart & Final "Extra" down the street for some tomatillos, a chile, tortillas, and some cotija cheese. I made the spinach & mushroom enchiladas with tomatillo cream sauce. I left out the optional chicken, but followed the recipe pretty closely. I do have this comment ... the recipe calls for queso fresco, but lists feta as an alternate. Queso fresco here is more like mozzarella in texture, so I bought cotija. Maybe it's a regional difference? Who knows. I used sour cream too, I find the Mexican crema a bit too runny for my taste.

Why no pictures? Well, the pasta wasn't really all that photogenic, a pale sauce on pale pasta. The enchiladas really needed to be put together, served & eaten really quickly. And, I was running late, or I would have added some artistic photos of tomatillos half husked or something using depth of field. Besides, surely someone else has made those enchiladas so there is probably a great photo out there in the interwebs somewhere.