Monday, March 10, 2008

The Incredible, Edible Egg!

Remember that? Hehe, I miss Saturday morning cartoons. Schoolhouse Rock, the hankering for a hunk of cheese guy, good times.
Back to the task at hand, Frittatas. I love them, my parents had a restaurant when I was growing up that served omlettes, quiche, crepes, frittatas, and stuff like that. Plus my dad's soups and some standard salads. I once made a frittata for a school project, I went in before school started & made it for my teachers for breakfast in the cafeteria kitchen.
Anyhow, I really like this one from Gourmet magazine in 2005, it is here on Epicuirous.
Simple, use frozen shredded potatoes (I know, but it is a weeknight thing!), green onions & cheese. The recipe calls for Boursin. Sometimes Boursin is a bit spendy (Trader Joes has a good price, other stores not so much), so I have substituted regular or herbed goat cheese (as I did here in this picture), or the same weight in grated sharp Tillamook cheddar. I can highly recommend that, it makes the frittata really puffy and nice. Of course any good Italian cookbook will have many variations, you can fill with pretty much anything from green beans to spaghetti! Green bean & parmesan make an outstanding combination. A salad and maybe some sliced prociutto is all you need with something like this.

And NO, do not spend the money on a special 2 part pan. Pop it under the broiler or in the oven until it is set, then just flip it carefully onto a plate.

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