Monday, March 17, 2008

Cedar Planks & Salmon on sale at Costco, good thing!

I am lucky to be married to one of those guys that applies food to fire with always outstanding results.

This was a think, skinless piece of "Atlantic" salmon from Coscto (the other piece of which I have curing in a fennel cure.. more on that later this week hopefully). A spicy rub was applied, and then to top it off some fresh rosemary from the garden and some blueberry preserves. Just wonderful, as you can see:

Hopefully he remembers what he put on it for next time : )

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ntsc said...

Now I've a whole lot of blueberry preserves from my attempts, and not bad ones, at Danish last year.
My wife started making comments about blimps and I slowed down on the pastry making.