Thursday, March 27, 2008

A fun thing....Shabu Shabu night

We have been pretty busy lately with Little League, community band, work, and other stuff that monopolizes our time. I haven't really tried anything new, or really anything old lately. I did make that chicken & sausage again from a few posts back - still awesome though should have used 2 sheet pans instead of a roasting pan for the doubled recipe. We actually went out to eat on Saturday to the Yard House at the Irvine Spectrum. Yes, I know... but we went early (like 5pm) so as not to have the typical Irvine Spectrum "experience". Had some tasty beers, wings & burgers (though the crab cake sandwich was kind of so-so).

I was sifting through some food pictures and found this one for Shabu-Shabu night. Before you think about going and spending $50/pp at Koji's or another type place, consider this: A plate of kobe grade beef is about $25-30 at Mitsuwa or any other Japanese market. Regular prime beef is even cheaper. One plate easily feeds the 3 of us (2 adults and a 9 year old). Add dipping sauces (ponzu & sesame), rice, tofu, bok choy, and noodles. Buy a $10 cooking pot and a $5 hot plate (though we will probably upgrade to the $20 butane cooker from the Japanese market soon - more BTUs). Don't forget the beer and/or sake!


ntsc said...

I forgot to look last night but somebody, I think Cusinart, makes a very good temperature controled fondue pot which will do oil, cheese, chocolate or hot pot, just depends on where you set the dial.

My wife and I both like the shabu-shabu and use what is left from butchering a whole filet as the meat with home made beef stock as the pot liquor.

An odd discovery is that sour pickles work quite well here. Some crunch may survive the cooking and the sour taste does. I've only done this with homemade pickles, so far dill, curry and salt-cured. Oh yes and pickled scallions, dill vinegar.

E said...

Hmmmm an electric fondue pot may be just the thing. With the butane burner and another type of pot we can do sukiyaki & Korean style bbq as well though, that is where we are leaning.

Pickles, huh? I love them, husband & kid can't stand them. I might have to try.

Curry pickles- do share the recipe?