Monday, April 21, 2008

Dinner & Dessert

I made this nice ham steak with bourbon sauce from Epicurious last week. The first time I did it I flamed the bourbon - the flame shot up to nearly the ceiling! This time I just reduced it in the pan instead. I couldn't tell the difference (except the fact that the cat did not run full speed out of the kitchen this time), so don't flame it unless you are brave. The best part of this dinner though was the dessert - roasted banana ice cream from The Perfect Scoop (see my previous post). Bananas are roasted with brown sugar and butter, then blended with sugar, milk, vanilla & lemon juice. Chilled and run through the ice cream maker, super easy - no custard to worry about. I almost forgot to take a picture - it tastes like creamy banana bread.
Next up hopefully fresh strawberry-sour cream ice cream with super local berries!

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