Monday, April 28, 2008

Another cookbook - The Flexitarian Table

This is the cookbook of the month on Chowhound for May. I looked at it at Borders and despite the sort of lame title, I really love the concept so I picked it up. Basically the premise is that you can prepare a nice seasonal meal that will satisfy both meat eaters and vegetarians or even vegans at the same time. Many of the menus have one sauce or preparation style that can be used with 2 different proteins, meat or not meat. There are also some nice sounding all vegetarian meals. Those of you who know my family must be thinking, "Yeah, right, they don't eat tofu & stuff". But, yes we do! I am still not too sure about tempeh & seitan, or some of the more exotic grain dishes, but I may have to give them a try after some early results with this book.
The first thing I tried, after reading several posts about the dish on Chowhound, was the Tofu with Lemon/Soy/White Wine & Butter Sauce & the Striped Bass with Lemon/White Wine & Butter Sauce. I made these on 2 nights in the same week since it is just the 3 of us, and served both with white rice. The tofu was served with stir fried vegetables, the fish with steamed green beans. The quinoa recipe in the menu suggestion will be tried later, I need to stock up on my exotic grains, hehe.

The verdict in both cases was "wow" from both the husband and the 9 year old, so I will definitely be making these again. In both cases the sauces were light but very flavorful, great to scoop on top of the steamed jasmine rice. I actually used halibut instead of the striped bass for the fish recipe, and used extra firm tofu instead of firm.
Stay tuned for more from this book as I explore it!

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