Monday, February 25, 2008

Thanks, Amateur Gourmet!!

This post from Adam at Amateur Gourmet inspired me to make the same thing. The photo of his reminded me of a dish we had on our trip to Japan. We went to this place in Roppongi called China Cafe 8 that was supposedly the best place for Peking duck. They roast the duck, bring it to your table & carve off the breast and then take the carcass away.
We were like, "hey, we weren't done with that!" But then a few minutes later, after we polished off the pancakes & duck, they brought back a stir fry type thing that used up the rest of the meat and skin. And then some weird soup with the bones & fat, but we didn't eat that, it had a strange medicinal taste.
So anyway, I was so busy last week with work that I never made it down to the 99 Ranch Market for duck legs & the optional lemongrass. So I used big chicken legs that were on special at the local Fresh and Easy. I also used 2 carrots because I had these sad little carrots that needed to be used up. Boy did the house smell good! And it was so easy, it was done right when the guys came home from baseball practice. Perfect with some rice. Too bad we were all out of sake.

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