Thursday, January 8, 2009

Succotash Soup - say that 3 times fast!

I was browsing soup recipes for Monday night, trying to keep it light after a month of excess and found this one on Epicurious and thought it sounded good. After a quick consult to make sure that Lima beans were not offenders, as white beans are, I picked up the ingredients to make this soup. Most of the ingredients are pantry, though I did need to pick up the frozen (yay! easy!) beans and a can of creamed corn. Luckily those things are really cheap. This made a big pot of soup as well, gave me lunch Tuesday and dinner Wednesday along with the 3 of us all eating 2 huge bowls.
I did pass on the black pepper sourdough croutons, fried in a pan with butter, and instead made croutons with my own freshly baked bread, in the oven with olive oil. Either way though, croutons are awesome with soup.
I thought that the creamed corn, as weird as it sounds, gave the soup some body. The bell pepper, on the other hand, was totally expendable. It didn't really add anything to the soup except that it is a traditional succotash ingredient. I was thinking that next time I might roast the pepper before adding it. I would probably make this soup again (especially since I have half a bag of Lima beans left over). It was a big hit.

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