Friday, January 9, 2009

First Thursdays: Challenging Myself

I had already planned a tofu dish for dinner tonight, so I couldn't really find a challenge in that. But for me, the most daunting kitchen task of all is making pie crust. I don't really like pie all that much though, so if I make it I buy refrigerated rolled out dough. So, that was my challenge. I happen to have some frozen from fresh blueberries in the freezer, so what the heck. I used Bittman, and made enriched sweet pie dough for a rustic berry tart. I can't believe I had to get my food processor dirty just to combine butter & flour/sugar/salt. Hmmm.... must find a pastry cutter in kitchen gadget drawer.... The combining into a ball really started to make me angry though. I added the egg yolk and some cold water, and really just had a pile of flour with a clump of dough in the middle. I finally got it to come together mostly, and put it in some plastic wrap.
Yes, my camera is not screwy, this is purple plastic wrap. I ran out of clear the other day and haven't made it to Target yet this week.
That sat in the fridge while we ate, then I rolled it out into more or less a circle (on the 2nd try).
I filled it with berries, brushed on some melted butter, sprinkled on some sugar and cinnamon, looks ok so far right?
I baked it while we played some Rock Band 2, and it came out mostly non-retarded looking I think.
It definitely didn't taste retarded. Yay, me! I made a dessert crust that didn't cook into a tasteless brick! And both my son and my husband said I should make it again! Well, maybe.. if I can find that pastry cutter.

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