Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rest and recovery

After too many weeks of this, we had a brief respite at the coast. That and the big guy was a statistic of the H1N1 flu... he was out for a whole week with a terrible fever and aches. But, he felt good enough for a 5 hour drive.. well worth it to get to this:

After a day spent at Pismo Beach, and an afternoon of just lolling about the house, we headed down to the fish market in Morro Bay and picked up these beauties, live spot prawns. Andrew was brave and did the skewering.. yes they were still alive here.

Not so live anymore, made for great surf and turf.

I really have been cooking at home for a change, but just comfort food this week now that we are over flu and colds.. soup, pot roast, chicken divan, sausage and cabbages... things I have posted about before, and fall back on when I am busy.

Oh, and this cheap thing -- eggs in purgatory. Poached eggs in tomato sauce over toasted tuscan bread. Yum!

Its almost recipe testing time for the New Years extravaganza though, yay!


Javan said...

Yummy! I can hardly wait to try the eggs. How do you make your tomato sauce?

Erika said...

Sometimes I just use Trader Joe's "starter sauce" in the tetra pack and doctor it up with more spices, otherwise I use my grandma's recipe: onion & garlic in olive oil, add crushed tomatoes, red wine, and let it simmer, add oregano, basil, salt & crushed red pepper.