Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So.. about that brisket

Thanks to our friend who is a Stater Bros meat cutter (only lightly trimmed, whole, delivered to our house), we put this brisket in at about 1am on Wednesday, took it out at 3pm on Thursday. No rub, no seasoning, nothing.
Isn't it pretty? It was so popular, the Grillmaster/Smokemaster has been commissioned to do it again for the 4th - which happens to be his grandmother's 85th birthday and first as a US citizen.
There was coleslaw, but something about white cabbage in a white bowl in a photo? Not so much. So here's some more brisket:
.. yes, that little thing in the background is the smoker, cool huh?

Soon to be improved photography as well thanks to a new camera... once I figure out how it works :)

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